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As manufacturers and importers of fine products for virtually every application, Design Hub Home is the one company experienced enough and knowledgeable enough to work with you to develop, provide and position products for virtually any project, nearly anywhere in the world.

Because we have our own facilities we can offer you an upgraded level of products and services at lower-than-market prices. We are always ahead of the game, designing retro looks, innovative sources and updated finished. We even use recycled material to create custom effects. Design Hub Home works with architects, designers, developers, builders, maintenance organizations and individual electricians in a variety of ways:

Design & Application

We can fully assist you in the development of design for any specific project. From the creative to the practical and everywhere in between, our designers will take on your objectives as their own with outstanding results.

Sourcing all Products for Your Project 

We manufacture in our own facilities and are affiliated with other factories all around the world. The result is a broad manufacturing network that covers the globe with virtually every kind of design element, product or appliance.

Coordinating Phases of Your Project and Delivery 

A project that flows smoothly is a good project. We, of course, work with you to schedule delivery of lighting fixtures and applicances so they are there when you need them. 


Our crews have worked on the installation, positioning and dressing of 40-foot wide chandeliers. They have worked on glamour lighting and furniture for the facade of luxury hotels. They've worked on dozens of hallway sconce projects. Our experience includes lighting and furniture for virtually every application. 

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